Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

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Maybe it was a grandparent, or a teacher, or a colleague.  Someone older, patient and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching, helped you see the world as a more profound place, gave you sound advice to help you make your way through it.

For Mitch Albom, that person was Morrie Schwartz, his college professor from nearly twenty years ago.

Maybe, like Mitch, you lost track of this mentor as you made your way, and the insights faded, and the world seemed colder.  Wouldn’t you like to see that person again, ask the bigger questions that still haunt you, receive wisdom for your busy life today the way you once did when you were younger?

Mitch Albom had that second chance.  He rediscovered Morrie in the last months of the older man’s life.  Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they used to back in college.  Their rekindled relationship turned into one final “class”: lessons in how to live.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a magical chronicle of their time together, through which Mitch shares Morrie’s lasting gift with the world.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

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  1. The last book I bought was Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railway Journeys – it accompanies a UK TV series and is full of colourful photos about trains and most of the pics feature the presenter/writer – its a bit of an ego trip to be frank.
    BUT the last book I bought and read, cover to cover, was one I finished yesterday by American Writer Dave Eggers titled “Zeitoun”. It’s a wonderful true story, well researched – over a 3 year period – and beautifully written, about what happened in Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans in August 2005 and follows it’s impact on one family by the name of Zeitoun. I have been a reader for over 50 years and this would rate as one of the top 10 books that I have ever read. It takes you through the entire range of emotions and leaves you wondering about whether “the American Dream” is still alive, and the way that those in charge treat the “little people” – everyday citizens.

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  2. Tuesdays with Morrie💜
    Another very intelligent and insightful read.
    The last book I read was on Biblical Archaeology, no relation to these passionate heartwarming selections that have a special place in my library 😎

    Thanks for the memories!

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  3. I’m a teen and I read this book a few months ago. It is indeed very insightful and gives amazing advice about relations in life. Hopefully, I would refer back to it someday in the future, once this book becomes more relatable, and it would turn out more helpful then. It’s an amazing read for sure! 🙂

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