The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafó

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“One gorgeous read.” – Stephen King

Barcelona, 1945. Just after the war, a great world city lies in shadow, nursing its wounds, and a boy named Daniel awakes on his eleventh birthday to find that he can no longer remember his mother’s face. To console his only child, Daniel’s widowed father, an antiquarian book dealer, initiates him into the secret of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a library tended by Barcelona’s guild of rare-book dealers as a repository for books forgotten by the world, waiting for someone who will care about them again. Daniel’s father coaxes him to choose a volume from the spiraling labyrinth of shelves, one that, it is said, will have a special meaning for him. And Daniel so loves the novel he selects, ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, by one Julian Carax, that he sets out to find the rest of Carax’s work. To his shock, he discovers that someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book this author has written. In fact, he may have the last one in existence. Before Daniel knows it his seemingly innocent quest has opened a door into one of Barcelona’s darkest secrets, an epic story of murder, magic, madness and doomed love. And before long he realizes that if he doesn’t find out the truth about Julian Carax, he and those closest to him will suffer horribly.

Review by Sofia

The Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a book that will remain in your hearts forever. It follows Daniel Sempere, the son of a bookstore owner based in Barcelona, as he grows up surrounded by mysterious figures, beautiful ladies and cursed books. When his father takes him to visit The Cemetery Of Forgotten Books, Daniel can choose one book from the thousands stored in this peculiar library to “adopt”. His choice is The Shadow Of The Wind by Julian Carax, a Spanish author disappeared many years before that no one seems to remember. Daniel, being a young curious boy, wants to know everything about his new favourite book, so he starts asking questions around and, soon, he finds himself in an adventure bigger than he could ever imagine. Between the stunning streets of Barcelona and insightful monologues about politics, life and writing, the story unfolds itself revealing a masterpiece of our days. Now that the tetralogy is completed (The Angel’s Game, The Prisoner Of Heaven and The Labyrinth Of The Spirits) the story comes full circle. Each book narrates a separate story intriguingly connected to the others and together they create a thrilling adventure that will make you fall in love with Zafon’s writing and witticism.

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